Grooming is an important part of your pet’s regular wellness care and a great way to keep him or her looking and feeling well. Regular grooming can also help in the prevention and early detection of skin infections and growths before they become a serious problem.

The team at Hadlock Veterinary Clinic is happy to help with animals that are difficult to groom or if your regular groomer needs help such as tranquilizers to groom your pet. We can also groom animals that need heavy sedation or even anesthesia. Some cats become so matted that it is painful to clip them down or remove mats. In these cases some form of anesthesia or sedation can help get the procedure done with less pain and soreness.

Some pets will let your groomer give them a haircut, but resist toe nail trims, ear plucking and anal gland expression. We can help with these procedures when needed. Medicated baths may also be more easily completed by our veterinary team. Your groomer is an important part of maintaining your pet’s wellness, but we are here to help when more extensive procedures or medications are needed.